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Full Version: Forum Rules (Read Before Posting)
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  • Don't post spam - This includes advertising as well as posting useless one-line posts that do nothing but boost your post count, like "+1" and "LOL." Posting threads which could not possibly lead to constructive discussion is also included in this rule.
  • Post in the right section - Threads that are in the wrong place will be moved.
  • Don't post threads directed at specific people - use PMs.
  • Don't post in rule-breaking threads - This increases their visibility and is almost as bad as posting those threads yourself. You can still get warned or banned for this, even if your post is OK. Just report it and move on.
  • Don't bump old threads - Posting a pointless reply (usually to one of your own threads) to get it to the top of the list. Posting in old threads is fine if you have something to say.
  • Flaming/Swearing - Swearing is not against the rules, but racism and swearing at another member are. Also, profanity is not allowed in thread titles. Disagreeing with another person's post is allowed, but attacking (flaming) them for it is not.
  • Do not post porn, shock images or other R-rated content.
  • Do not discuss illegal activities, or telling another member to do something illegal.
  • Do not abuse multiple accounts - Alternate accounts that are created to break rules or get around bans will be deleted and your main account will be punished.
Shouldn't you just make this into a entire subforum? It would be much easier to notice.
**[Do Not] Discuss illegal activities, or tell other members to do something illegal.
Reminder: Don't reply to spam! Replying to spam threads or useless/off-topic posts in other threads is almost as bad as posting crap yourself. Don't make me increase the flood filter any more... Smile