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Full Version: Numbers War [Boys vs. Girls]
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Team 1 [Boys]: Blue Moon

Team 2 [Girls]: Red Comet

Starting DEF. points: 100,000 DP
ATK. points: 100 AP
Repair points: 100 RP

Both teams start out with 100,000 defense points. Boys are assigned to team 1, while girls are assigned to team 2. To win the game a team must successfully drop the oppositions defense points to 0--remember that attacking drops the defense by 100p. Players may also choose to repair their defense; in which case 100p is added to the defense.

1. Players may only attack or repair after another player has went.
2. Players may only attack or repair per turn.
3. You must stick with only one team--regardless.
attack! Girls at 99,900
ATK: 100p

Team 2: 99,800p

Team 2: 99,700
ATK: 100p

Team 2: 99,600p
ATK: 100p

Team 2: 99,500p
ATK: 99 AP

99,401 p

This is just going to become a post spam isn't it...
ATK OVER 900000T0-49T543862386945-7860435786430567843640365436059436