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Full Version: Big Tall Black Building
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I made this in about 15 mins in single player.


[Image: 34yqi4o.png]


[Image: vomrfn.png]
Decorate it :3 It could take me 5 min if I used cuboid. :P
(12-14-2013, 11:54 AM)CrazeeMatt1 Wrote: [ -> ]Decorate it :3 It could take me 5 min if I used cuboid. :P

Look at the date, no cuboids in 2009!
No cuboid?! How did you guys live??? D:
We had the patience to sit there and build block by block. :P
Heh, I remember when I didn't know cuboid existed, so I made a perfectly symmetrical star-ship by hand. I'll never get those weeks back.
Ahahaha I remember all the hours I spent building a 120 blocks tall, tower like that on a server... I was a newb back then though and I didn't have commands. xD

They temp-banned me because it took too much space on the map... The map was empty and I spent an entire night on it... I never went back except to find out I had ranked up 3 ranks. :P