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Full Version: 1.7.4 Seed Spotlight 1
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Hello guys, today I will be presenting you a seed I discovered. The seed is spawner. You spawn with a roofed forest in front of you, and to your side/back you have a mesa aka clay canyon biome. The biome is more 'wide' than big, cause if you go straight through it you hit an ocean. Great for fishing (video settings: particles must be on all) Anyhow, I love the roofed forest and mesa, and it's kind of uncommon to see those two biomes right next to each other (I hate why the desert has to split the mesa from another biome, it's kind of stupid) anyhow, enjoy the seed. Unfortunately the mesa has no Bryce section (the variant that acts like ice spikes). Not all mesas have a Bryce section. Rare variant of a rare biome :P. Peace!
So...is "spawner" the seed?
Yes. 'spawner' is the seed. All lowercase, no spaces, no nothing. Just type that word in.