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Full Version: Today is Chaos Day!
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Everything in /store is free, and you can delete op blocks.
There isn't any bedrock at all, Also There was more store iteams added like "/r" And "/re" Etc. Come in-game and play, TODAY ONLY!
This is really fun. I like the no cost store. This is definitely something we should do like once a month. ♥
Great, this should be fun.
Chaos Day at Jacob_'s CTF reminds me a lot of Caznowl CTF. :P
Only except everyone has it, not just a couple steamrollers. :P
I didnt like it. But it was clear to me that others did like it, so i think we should continue this tradition once or twice a year. But no more than that.
Count pls
Wow this got bumped from along time ago...