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Full Version: How to make a premium Server
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Hello Everyone, its Joseph1500. Following these steps below and you will know how to make a PERFECT premium server:

Step 1: go to http://www.minecraft.net/download. You need to download the .exe file and put it in a folder on your desktop

Step 2: Open that folder and open minecraft_server.exe (Alot of folders will pop up. Don't freak out)

Step 3: Now you need to wait until your server fully generates all the levels. As soon as it generates, type in stop to save your server safely.

Step 4: Now open up the server. properties folder. Here you can design your server anyway you want. (If you want a spawn make the level super flat)

Step 5: Save your properties and open your server.


Step 1: go to command prompt. In windows go to the 4 windows sign and type in cmd.

Step 2: type in the following: ipcongif (this will bring up your wireless and connected router settings) You need to find the Default gateway and type it in your website URL.

Step 3: Your router page will pop up. ON windows click the following
Settings->Firewall-> applications, pinholes, and dmz-> now find your device-> then click add a new defined user-> create a name and port of 25565 and the application type is Direct X gaming host-> and add it on your hosted programs.

Step 4: Save all the changes u have made you will need to put in your password to your router. It can be found on the left or right side taped onto your router.

Step 5: go back to the server. properties file.

Step 6: go to the following page: http://www.ipchicken.com or google whats my ip.

Step 7: the ip it tells you will be the server ip that u put in the server properties, and the server port will be 25565.

Step 8. Now start up your server and it will be ported and ready to play on Big Grin

-Thank you all for reading this forum if you have a problem please let me know. Pm me in the server or msg me in the forums. Big Grin
I'll try this :P