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Full Version: Different ways.
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Everyone has their own way of playing.

Some people play aggressive by tnt spamming.

Some play with caution.

Some play full out defense.

Some just use store.

Some switch between any of the above.

How do you play?
Move cautiously and stealthily for it may be the last step...
Running away and never stopping, just to tick people off.
I play very aggressively but with a bit of defense to it. Playing aggressively is not all about TNT spam. Sure, that is one way to play aggressively. I play aggressively and I can't TNT spam very well. I am TNT smart. I also know how to hide and surprise my opponent from a back stab very well. It is quite funny to see people in chat go, "Where did he go?". Then freak out when they see a TNT in front of them. People have different skill sets, so my tactic won't work for everybody.
P.S. thecount, you piss me off so much when you do that. So I just usually ignore you and go on expecting a back stab, waiting for the right moment. Then when you least expect it, I turn around and KIEELL YOUUU!!!!!
I play cautiously. But everyone knows if you set down a mine, I WILL find it, and I WILL get blown up.

I'm bad with tags too.
I play cautiously because I can't really tnt spam forward. Having alot of lag causes that. If I can, I usually just tnt spam sideways or at like a diagonal way.

I also have to predict to kill people since I see things later than they actually happen.

It's mostly a losing tactic because of the part where I see everything late.
Predicting what people will do, or how they would react is what my tactics are based on if stealth is to fail.
I play SUPER aggressively. But i also play SUPER cautiously.
I'd say I'm more situational :P

Like depending on where I am on the map if my flag is captured I may either rush for a counter capture to delay or cancel the capture or hunt for the flag carrier... Also depends on whether I think I can take the carrier with my subpar tnting

Also if the teams are unbalanced:
If I'm on the larger team I'll probs stay back more and defend but if I'm on the smaller team I'll most likely rush to capture :P But this also depends on who's on my team and who's against me, cause as we all know your teammates are really, really important :b

In a balanced game I'm fairly aggressive though ...

Oh and it also depends on the score ... But this one's hard to explain lol

And of course the map is pretty important too ... Like on Sector9 and Caverns I'm almost always on offense :/

So yeah all in all I'm pretty situational :P
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