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Full Version: Suggestion: auto-remove hide
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Hey guys, I'm posting this because of obvious reasons: ops who, plain and simple, are on hide when joining a team. I've done this many times on accident, but there's recent evidence (not going into detail) of ops hiding on purpose and joining a team. To prevent this, maybe when an op tries to join a team on hide, it sends them to spec and gives some message like "You are in hide. Please exit hide before joining a team". Also, if they tried to hide while on a team, maybe it gives a message saying "OPs aren't allowed to hide while on a team!"?
Good idea, I accidently do it sometimes too, and also how about (if we can) make a command so only if we use that command then we can modify bedrock, it kinda becomes a problem when your playing and you accidently break a block.

So if we have that command, it would be like we are guests and can't break bedrock.
yeah, that one needs to be implemented aswell.
Fixed for the next update.