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Full Version: Map of Kills
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For the last 4 months I've been recording the location of every kill made on the server, here's the result!
YOOO I didn't know you had that memorial vanilla server (lagtest)

I can still see my name in the bottom right c;

Someone put that shit on a server, I want to experience the old feels again c:
You can do /newgame more/lagfest on the server to get to it. There aren't any flags though, and I don't put it up since it turns older PCs into a potato.
Hopefully my 760 can handle it.
This is awesome! Yet sad to see that a lot of maps aren't played...
That included a lot of maps that aren't on the server anymore, and probably a few that weren't ever on it.
So it's confirmed then, red IS the best team. Thanks Jacob_!
I think the bias is because people type /red to play since it's shorter, so red tends to have more people.
Jacob don't it matter how much the map is played :/
Just looking at warsphere... I don't even know how it got removed, cause I actually LOVED the map unlike everyone else...
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