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Full Version: Help Wanted [Staff]
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Hey there everyone. Today I'm representing the community of Shardz Gaming. We are a group of people who have just recently released (2/4/2014) our RPG server. However, we lack some trustable and knowing staff in certain areas. That is why I'm making this post, with the hopes that some of you feel like you can handle it.

The position we want to fill is the Social Manager position. We are looking for someone who is good at expressing his or herself, welcoming people and generally being good at answering questions concerning the server and/or other questions. This means that you will be the voice of the community both internally, staff to players, and between other communities. This also means that we require a certain level of professionalism. The person who will be selected for this position needs to have the following qualities: good at communication (express himself/herself clearly), maturity, good grammar, and last but absolutely not least, have humour. We're doing it for people to have fun, so this is an important attribute.

Beside that, the person needs to be available most days. We don't want a person who's only online 1 time per week. This is where Skype could come in handy, meaning you don't have to have access to the server itself all the time.

You will get Admin rank on the server, and access to everything else the admins have. This means that whenever we decide to build another quest, or if you simply feel like building one yourself, you're free to do so.

Note that if you seek this position mainly to build, we advise you to instead, visit the server and ask to help in other ways, or apply for another staff position at http://mcshardzgaming.enjin.com.

So if you feel that you might be the one for this job, send me a message either here, on Enjin, or email me. In your message, we want you to include IGN, age, experience and why you should be chosen.

Thank you if you have been reading this far, and I hope you have a great day.
Email: theawezomedj@gmail.com
I like how in your signature, the picture, half the buildings on it are at my one previous server. :l
Lol, that's because it's not from Shardz. It's just one of the default banners that I got from like mcserverstatus.com or a similar one.
That sounds like a lot of work...
I'll go on it IGN IDuelZero
Can u pls mak e it to be cracked I will apply for mod IGN:FrostCX has to be cracked tho plsplsplspsl
ooh ill join, as a member, staff is so last year