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Full Version: [Edited] Anti-Stalemate Mode and Duel Suggestions
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Anti-stalemate mode activated!
If your teammate gets tagged you'll drop the flag.

I think that we're all really familiar with the above message. For those who aren't, it appears in-game whenever both teams have a player who is in possession of the opposing team's flag.

Majority of the time, this ends quickly in a tag or an explode. (And I put much emphasis on "quickly".) This is an excellent feature that adds difficulty to the game, and therefore makes the game even more enjoyable.

However, thanks to Killerninja891, I feel that there is an urgent need for an update.

Today I played a game on "Fort" with Annaprice2450 and Killerninja891. For the most part, it was a 2v1 game with me being the solo player. (Occasionally a noob would come on and get tagged and I would drop the flag ... Sighh.)

For approximately 32 minutes, Killerninja891 was hiding in the underground passageways of Fort, which until today I had no idea existed. This meant that for 32 minutes, there was literally nothing happening as he was in possession of the red flag, seeming to be waiting on Annaprice2450 to kill me. (Which ultimately did not happen.) To add insult to injury, Killerninja891 even said things such as:
1) "jsut drop blue flag"
2) "to unlock this nice feature drop da blue flag"

If you've had the... "pleasure" of playing with Killerninja891, you'll know that he has the habit of saying incredibly ridiculous things (Considering what CTF is) like "no dont kill me" and "let me walk free" in a manner which I personally find extremely annoying. He types it every time he's killed or sees you trying to kill him. From what I can tell, it is pretty much the only thing he types. [Evidence]

For me, this meant that for half an hour there was literally nothing I could do apart from killing Annaprice2450 over and over again. (This made me feel so bad for Anna I ended up apologising for killing her.)

I am someone who enjoys CTF and would actually like to PLAY CTF, not sit around frustrated for 30 minutes waiting for a cowardly person to show himself. Therefore, I would like to make some suggestions.

With regards to the Anti-Stalemate Mode:
1) Introduce a time limit to the Anti-Stalemate Mode. (Meaning to say that after something like 5 or 10 minutes both flags are dropped and returned to the respective teams.)


2) After 5 or 10 minutes without either side losing the enemy flag, the flag holders are sent into a duel, and the winner is teleported to his/her flag to make the capture.


3) After 5 or 10 minutes without either side losing the enemy flag, the flag holders are sent into a duel, and the winner automatically gets a capture for his/her team, upon which he/she is sent back to his/her spawn.

With regards to the Duels:

1) Disallow other players' mines from killing the people in duels.

AND (should 2 or 3 be implemented)

2) The players dueling with the flags have silver blocks above their heads

Thanks for your time :b

[Edit: removed Fort suggestions]
Nice ideas.
I sort of disregard the idea of removing the passage ways of fort in all ways. They are there so you don't really have to go through the gauntlet. Also, nice ideas for all the rest. But as I said, Fort is perfect for a 3v3 or a 4v4 match. Or even just a 2v2 as long as someone doesn't just hide with the flag.

Maybe have a


that players can use to kick someone from the server. The number of votes required is 1 more than half the server.
Mmm alright Maxi I see your point :b, removed fort suggestions.

And yeah I think a /votekick would be good
Sounds good, I would like to be able to mine during a duel though, and I think that even after the two flag carriers duel it out, they should have to walk back to their base to return the flag, which still gives the opposing team a chance to intercept it. And there is a rule, no hiding in a 1x1 hole with the flag, idk if this should apply to just hiding in general or not, because you could have gone down and killed killerninja if you had known about the spot.
In addition to this, I think we should have a rule stating "No hiding for long periods of times with the flag." Just because, people who are not good at the game, will hide for long amounts of time causing the game to die quickly.
The reason I initially suggested getting rid of the underground passageway entirely is because of the simple fact that it is massive. Upon finding killerninja I had to chase him for about 5 to 7 minutes and outmaneuver him before I eventually got him with TNT. Also, the reason I suggested teleporting them back to their flag and also the auto-capture was because right after I killed killerninja, Anna captured my flag and it became anti-stalemate mode again. As I was down in that massive passageway, I was unable to deal with the situation. Hence, another newb joined the game, was tagged and I lost 5-0.
Ban killer pls
Why? He is just playing the game the best he knows how.
What if instead of everything else, when stalemate mode is activated, both teams drop the flag and everybody respawns.