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Full Version: OP Replacement Vote
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So since we need some OP replacement for some of our demoted staff. I figured we should have a thread having an OP Replacement vote/suggestion or whatever thread, instead of you guys making staff applications over and over again. There will be democracy in this vote. All of you in the community can vote for the following elected individuals that been selected from some of our current OP's and others in the community. Also if you'll all like, you can suggest some of the individuals that you want them to be elected into this vote. There will be a poll on top of this thread. So far we only have a few candidates in the poll be sure to suggest more.

Make sure that you are picking/voting the best person who you think who would make a great op by not abusing their powers and someone that is respectful towards other individuals and can handle something rough. Be honest with yourself and pick whoever would be a great op and remember don't pick them just because they're your best friends or they just forced you to. Pick whoever you want that would be an great responsible OP.

- T97
- Cyber1435
- thecountispurple
- Doneff

1) You cannot vote/suggest/elect for yourself in this vote; if you do you will be disqualified out of this vote.
2) Don't make fake forums accounts to vote yourself. (I know no one will)
3) You can vote ONLY ONCE; if you vote more than once your votes will not be counted.

I will update this thread as we go through it.
This vote will not end until we got enough votes for each one.
(Note: OPS can edit this post as they wish to)
I think Cyber1435 would be a wonderful OP! Good Luck Bro
Go T9!
I had a feeling that T9 would just sweep the vote... good luck T9. :P


Congratulations to T97 for being promoted to OP! You deserved it dude.
We will use this thread again in the future.
Thread Locked~