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Full Version: Jacob_'s SMP [1.7.4][Hamachi]
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Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know that I've successfully created a basic premium minecraft server. To log on you must have a Hamachi, and be connected to the server's Hamachi network.

The network's name should appear as: "Creatoss's Server"

- The IPv4 Address is ""
- The IPv6 Address is "2620:9b::192f:cb7"
- The password to log in to the network is "DonDon777"

As for the server, the IP Address is: ""

Please be aware that when I say this server is basic; I mean it's REALLY basic.

To run this server and improve on it, I will need the help of a few players in fields such as:

- Building
- Staffing

Tips on how to add certain plug-ins/mods/texture packs would be appreciated.

Thanks Guys!


I can help you with adding certain plug-ins and mods if you want.
Why the Hamachi?
Apparently because he doesn't want to Port Forward.

Does the avatar plugin work with vanilla clients?
I think I can help you guys out with plugins and Staffing. :P
nice man, i´m lazy to download hamachi.
I can help with spawnbuilding if necessary.