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Full Version: Mythrilknite is back!
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Hey everyone!
Sorry if this was posted in the wrong spot. The "Introduce yourself" forum was locked due to the dramatic posts of people retiring sadly. Anywho I shall continue on with who I am. I am an old player from 2011 or I believe 2012. I was a no lifer on the CTF server. I was very very very VERY good. I was a bit crazy back in the day but was the past which non of us give a sh*t about sadly but some of ya'll do. I am now 20 years old. I returned a week ago or so but I don't play a lot since classic is dead and there aren't a lot of players. Basically all you need to know is that I am Mythrilknite and all the old players from 2011 will know me. Cool

I'll try to reply if people know me. Going to get drunk tonight to celebrate something IRL.
Welcome back Myth!
I think...I recall you...Idk...Wb
I don't :b Wb
Yes A little bit. I remember the myth part.
I had no life when I joined this place. I still have no life.

Anyways, welcome back m8.
Necropost, but I remember you very well lmao. We had some fun times in the past with MCDZ :P