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Full Version: Server downtime on Saturday
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From Burstnet:
Quote:Expect your vps server 252107.server.buildism.net to will be offline for 13-15 hours starting on March 22nd, 2014. You should expect that your server will be taken off line at 8PM and will be back on line at approximately March 23rd 10AM.

As you are aware, we have had a few issues with the network at our current Scranton PA facility. After in depth evaluation over the past 90 days, it has been determined that the current facility infrastructure cannot be ameliorated to the point that we require to provide our valued clients the dependability, reliability, and performance they deserve and should expect.

We are moving all of our Dedicated and VPS clients to our new, state-of-the-art Data Center (DC) in North Carolina. Some of the many improvements for you will be:

Tier 3 Data Center in North Carolina
More Redundant Network - Current state = 2 providers.
New DC = 9 providers up to 100 GBPS available
Double the bandwidth capacity of the Scranton PA facility
Type II audited facility
Our new facility is on a high priority power grid
4MW total power
1+1 generator design
7 layer security including biometric scanning and PIN Access
During this one time move to increase our service levels and your future performance expect your servers to be offline 13-15 hours on March 22nd 2014. You should expect that your servers will be taken off line at 8PM EST and will be back on line at approximately 10AM March 23rd.

For your inconvenience, we will be discounting your April 2014 invoice by 20%.

Hopefully this will fix the random lag that's been happening lately!
Hey! 20% off! That's not bad at all!
Hopefully this fixes the server lag.
What timezone is this in? I assume EDT? And three cheers for less lag :b
Omg I actually know where Scranton is
Scranton Pennsylvania!

Courtesy of The Office <3
Maybe The Office is actually a documentary about the BurstNet office. That would explain why the server move took 12 hours longer than expected...
O.o There is SOOOOOOOOO Much less lag now. Thanks!