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Full Version: I'm back, I suppose
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Most people will not remember, or know me, from the good ol days on Vex n' shit. So yeah, I've been outta this since like beginning of 2012 and it appears that is is still somewhat populated. What happened to the people that loved me as an OP? Meh, whatever. This is just like, the nostalgia cookin' up.
Heeeey! Welcome back!

EDIT: Pssst, I do remeber you. But that's a secret.
Welcome back!
I do remember you... somewhat...
Never played in Vex...
Welcome back!
Yeah... no.
I played vex and I remember you! Nobody remembers me though. cause I was one of those nubs who nobody cared about.
Iunno why I gave up on this so quickly, I should play it again. It was great fun to play in 2010-2011, but then everything pretty much died down and I went on.

I have no idea why I made a post here over a year ago stating I'd be like, back. Like seriously. Anyways though, hope you're all still doing fine.
I'm like, super out of the loop, anything interesting happened at all throughout the years?
Lots of cool new features to the server.
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