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Full Version: IM BACKS :DDD
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Hello everyone, you may know me as DaBoss*, on CTF 46th in leaderboards well, I left 2 months ago and 4 days. I tried getting on the standalone on the 5th of April surprisingly it worked! Smile. well I'm back. my computer stopped working, the reason I left in the first place, but the great news Is knew a friend that bought an Anti-virus Norton Utilities, got to say its amazing Heart Well I didn't miss you guys jk jk I missed you guys...or did no no I did. well what I'm saying I'm back for another few years I think or guess.

P.S What happened to Classic? it was so popular before I left, so many amazing and wonderful ops have left, or on Vacation.. Have a great vacation though Belinda! Big GrinAngel:


Weba ;3
And thanks. I'm on vacation for 2 months.
Welcome back Daboss! Hope you can keep your computer running this time :P

And bel, meet me at a timmy's in NY. I needta talk to ya.



Psssh no Maxi. NY's Timmy's are disgusting. Lol jk never went to Timmy's there yet. Besides i'm in Boston right now. I left New York few days ago.
i have to wait until I either get a new desktop or the Java certificate comes in :/