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Full Version: Map Testing Server (Every CTF map ever)
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With everyone arguing about maps again, I decided to put up a test server with all of the maps so you can actually try them out. Here's pictures of all of them: http://imgur.com/a/Ld43F

Also, everyone can hack and use /newgame. This should be fun.
I like 90% of the really old maps that are not in use. You should add most of them back. I'm talking about all the vex maps like colony and crusade cathedral ect.
that's nice


Yeah honestly Jacob should add all maps back in that aren't included on the maps list yet and that got removed.. But pls.. Don't add jungle back... It's horrible.
Jungle best map.
Would it be as bad if the flags weren't in the wrong place?


All the flags for all maps should be in the right place.. It's just chaos if the flags aren't in the right place and it's going to be very frustrating . So are you going to add all the maps back in? Or what are you going to do?
Also war one of the flags is out in the middle of nowhere.