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Full Version: Do you play with a mouse or a trackpad?
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Just for the curiosity because ever since I started playing CTF, I've been using a trackpad. I had tried to play with a mouse but it's just really hard for me. How about you?
played with a mouse.
Without even playing Minecraft the trackpad on this chromebook is hard enough to control.

The mouse was better for me because the scroll clicked between the tnt and purple fast.
I play with a macbook so trackpad :b Like ... If I try to use a mouse I'll look like one hell of a spastic motherfuckaa
I CTF with a Laptop pad =3. Its difficult, but since I got used to pvping with a mouse I'm sure I'll be good at it with CTF.
Use an old 2007 laptop so yeah...pad
I'm a mouse guy, through and through. Trackpads are tough, and i respect y'all that use them
How does one play with a trackpad?


How does one play with a mouse?
What's a mouse?
Mouse wheel all the way. Most people who use numbers are easy for me. Unfortunately my mouse wheel is dumb so it hard to use haha.
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