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Full Version: Bridging?
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Does anyone here find bridging a useful tactic? I'm talking about building out like a staircase or in a straight line or something for an alternate, exclusive route for your team sometimes to hop onto their flag. I've done it before, just wondering if anyone else bridges.


You can use this command called /line. It makes a straight glass line/bridge where ever you look at.
Most people on the server are more focused on their prowess with TNT, and consider the ability to steal the flag and get away safely secondary.
But I do believe that thoughts on how to capture the flag undetected is just as important, and back in the day thecountispurple was more focused on that than tnt, although he soon switched over.
The only real current flag capturer people are hammerman9, whose tunnels are undetectable, and killerninja, who knows almost every single route to the flag. Almost everyone else relies on traditional ways to get the flag, ex. blowing through the enemy team and hoping pure tnt skill gets you there.
In my personal opinion, the use of lines is simply too obvious to the enemy team, and for an enemy team with a dedicated defender, it is very easily counterable. I find that the best ways to capture the flag by avoiding people is the hammerman way: making tunnels in unconventional places or using unconventional routes to the flag. And always checking for mines.
When some uses /line towards your base break it in front of their face and the break the second one and so on...Defence FTW bishes
This used to be a more common tactic, and I think it made the game a lot more interesting. Now a lot of players just try to place TNT as fast as possible so no one can even get close to them, rather than using alternate routes to ambush the enemy. It doesn't help that everyone votes for maps like stadium that are too simple to make any interesting strategies useful.
There aren't usually enough players online so it became impractical just to focus on capping
The magic of spamming gravel everywhere defeats /line on the basis of air superiority. Somehow.
I do it all the time, special in maps like arena, desert and any ones whose spawns are in front.

I wish /line did bedrock briodges, tht no TNT could destroy Big Grin
Well if a certain someone had a damn mapbuild server there might be more complicated maps...
(01-13-2015, 06:07 PM)waffleninja6000 Wrote: [ -> ]Well if a certain someone had a damn mapbuild server there might be more complicated maps...

There are mapbuilds, they just don't exist.
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