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Full Version: "Flame" the user above you thread
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This is a new idea.

Based on the CTF gameplay, this is no different than placing a TNT block on an user and blowing it up, and/or /duel'ing someone.

You /duel verbally the user (and its position) above you.

1) Heated debate is allowed; insulting the user above you is not.
2) No one wins or loses unless their arguments are really backed up;
3) Topics can go from US.A to world politics, hacking, CTF strategy/bugs, and/or anything that comes to mind (marriage, for example)
4) Under no circumstances posts on this thread should be taken personal. FUN is fun, just that. Avoid visiting the thread, if you have to.
5)Have fun!
6) More. To. Come. Soon!!!
I thought this was the whole point of debate. :P
Can I flame the person 2 slots above me? Or how about 1 page over and 1 down?
Depends on your will. Only personal fights are not allowed except if your arguments add to the discussion.
May I insult the user who posts below me? Whoever posts below me is a retard!
Yea, it is ok.
Soo then by posting below me you are calling yourself a retard.
And by posting below yourself, you admit that you are mentally unfit to be OP on the basis of being mentally retarded. Also, mentally unfit to be on the Internet.
You did post below my post as well. So basically everybody who posts on this page is a retard.
I thought we already established I was a retard. Like 2 years ago. Really.

Anyways, congrats on admitting it.