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Full Version: /r is back now.
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Well /r is back now. I expect everyone to join daily or I will get Firetrout and killerninja to rekt u all. I'm on at aleast 4-7pm central time.
/r is the spirit of this server
there is still a god in this wonderful world...
and it is Jacob_ Big Grin

although as much as i love /r, as it is the only store i would ever use, i must question its flagstopping effectiveness with the whole picking up flags after they drop. It would be great if people could not pick up flags that they themselves drop. That way if you kill someone with the flag they cannot respawn and go pick it up again.

On the other hand, that could balance the awesomeness of /r, and it could all be part of Jacob_s master plan. Either way, I'm ready Big Grin
I think it's a good thing, I remember rockets were great for killing people right before they got to the flag and it made them pretty OP
Anyways...There is still hope...hope for /RE BISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(04-30-2015, 07:17 PM)waffleninja6000 Wrote: [ -> ]Anyways...There is still hope...hope for /RE BISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What we really need is a fancy store command that actually just kicks the buyer.
Don't count me in shadow. I'm really sad rite now (couldn't get a gf that why).

I have suspended lots of IRL events, so I'd probs just try to cap the flag, but wouldn't tag/kill.
but you so pro killer!
He's too pro for this server. It's overwhelming.
That's why he doesn't play as much as he used to. Because he knows playing will hurt our feelings.
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