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Full Version: Killerninja's Mapbuild Staff Application
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Ingame Name: killerninja891
What rank are you applying for? (applications are not accepted for admin+): Operator or SuperOP
Age: 23
Staff Reference (at least 1 needed that are VIP+): None known
Do you have any experience as Op on other servers? (If so what server(s)?): Used to, but most of them changed owners, died or were taken over by hackers. Right now I'm VIP.
Why do you think you should be op?: Well I have a good enough knowledge of in-server commands and would like to be able to use my knowledge to make things good, aside from help in the server and build.
Why should we pick you over others?: Well I'm VIP and this is just a rankup applications. Others do not have the same trust as me, AFAIK.
What kind of staff would you be?: Depends. What kind are Available? I'm a builder.
Are you a regular on the CTF server? Yes, as told I'm VIP.
How active will you be? You already saw it, I'd come on free times.
What is your current rank? VIP
Please, reply.
EY +1 for this goon right here

Age and experience just what I like to see right here
Again no one replies to my app?
+1 I agree, hes nice but the joker isn't needed.


Maybe moderator suits you better in my opinon
Joker would be fine if certain people didn't overreact to a joke.

Though I cannot deny that you use it excessively.
Thing is, all the commands i like are for operator+only. If only jack gave me imageprint and joker back...
Let the app continue.
Killer, we currently have enough operators.
This application is denied.