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Full Version: Topics that should be avoided in CTF.
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First, I think the topic of religon should be avoided on CTF because all it does is cause trouble. We aren't all apart of the same religon. And the only thing people want to do is throw their crap on other people. If you believe god exist (which I do) and if you don't then oh freaking well you can keep it to yourself. Theirs no reason someone should be arguing with another person on what they believe in or trying to "convert them". *I realize now that when ever someone breaks the rules they try to argue and waver the "Freedom Of Speech" thing around. For one, the server does have rules, two, you can say "what ever you want" but their will be consequences etc (kick mute ban). Second, I think this is the most critical thing it's talking about homosexuality. If you believe gayness is a sin or if you don't who cares theres no need to have a argument. Don't even mention the subject. There are way to many sensitive people out there that will take it the wrong, and what do you know? There will be a shit load of arguments coming from everyone on the server. My main point of typing this is you people need to keep shit to yourselves. Not everyone will believe in what you believe.
Your argument and logic here is somewhat flawed. First off, no one in yesterdays fiasco was trying to convert anyone. I myself was trying to state my own opinions on a specific matter, when my opposition began to cuss and caps at me.

Second, yes this server has rules but none of them were broken when I was exercising my freedom of speech. I simply wanted to have a calm discussion in which my views were made clear, but sadly, the opposition thought otherwise and claimed that I was disrespecting them and began to start shouting their disapproval in a vulgar manner.

Third, why should any kinds of discussion be limited--when clearly, it is some people who can not handle themselves and grow up? Why should other people have to suffer for giving their opinions in a calm way by people who simply can not remain calm and express themselves peacefully?

Fourth, everyone understands that there is much diversity in the CTF community and no one has a problem with that. People do in fact coexist in this community--I coexist and for the lot of us-YES! WE DO COEXIST IN PEACE AND DO ACCEPT COEXISTENCE! But there are the few people who can not handle this level of coexistence and peaceful discussion on it, for example, the opposition that began yelling at me yesterday.

In the beginning I also believed that we should have added a new rule; restricting discussion on such controversial matters (in my earlier post). But as Jacob_ said, no one should have a problem with talking about these controversial issues and there should be no restriction on the ability to talk about these issues. In truth, I don't see why we should restrict anything for these people who can't handle themselves. I think that we should be talking about how to punish those people--not restricting our damn right to talk.
I'm talking about in general. Not only yesturday. And Creatoss, I didn't think you were wrong, all I was saying is you could've stopped because obviously you were causing more and more of an argument. I agreed to everything you said but did you really have to keep saying it knowing that other people were against it. I have the feeling that you love arguing with other people. Jacobs server is not a debate server. We're not running a campaign. You could've said well Taylor you're right. That would've ended it. You didn't have to mean it. But, no, you had to argue with everyone on the server for about 50 minutes. And why would you talk against gay people knowing that half of the people on Jacobs server are either bi or gay. What in the right mind were you thinking? It's like you can't get over anything. Dude, like really?
Creatoss you sound like a lawyer... COOL
Most of the people on the server just come on to troll anyway.
Such resignation and willingness to abandon argument.
I argued because I was trying to calmly answer the questions my opposition impolitely asked me and to defend my values like any respectable person would. You said yourself it's not my fault; yet now you are saying it is my fault for not ending the argument. That's stupid--I couldn't have stopped the argument even if I wanted too, and plus, I was not the person who started the argument--it was my opposition who immediately took to arms.

Does it look like I want to debate when I was calmly answering questions and respectably defending my points--never attacking my opponents? Trying to soothe the tension? In fact, it was me who later on ended the argument by successfully resolving the conflict between me and the opposition.

And like I said before, why is it that they can give their points on a controversial matter and not mine? Why has our freedom of speech, guaranteed by the United States' Constitution, become so taboo? "Disagreement is the cornerstone of our Democracy". Stating my opinion was and is justified since they were the ones to bring up the issue in the first place--not me.

I can't get over anything? Does it look like I can easily get over something where my opposition is yelling and cussing at me? Insulting and degrading me? Give me credit for at least holding my temper.
Creatoss, you could've ended it, you could've just stopped talking that simple. And Jacob_ server is not a courtroom. And by you not talking everyone else would've got tired and talked about something else. They started, you could've ended it.
How about we stop argueing over things like this in the first place and play the game... It's what the server is meant for in the first place, and argueing isn't much fun.
Why should I stop talking? Why not them? Are you seriously trying to argue something like that with me? What do you not understand about the fact that they were the ones proliferating the argument, that they were the ones who had started the discussion and argument, and that they were the ones who were being disruptive--rude and annoying?

So no I couldn't have ended it--why? Because they were the ones who were making it worse. Even if I had stopped they would've gone on--without end. And plus, why should I give up on my ideals and beliefs that I had calmly mentioned? I have a right to defend myself--do I not?

Throughout that whole fiasco I was completely justified and had done nothing wrong. Even you stated that I did nothing wrong; yet here you tell me it's my fault for not ending something out of my control and for defending myself against a rude and unforgiving opposition. And why is it that you keep referring to a court room? I was defending myself like any logical person would; you interpret that as me wanting to argue some more--even if that were true why is it then I was able to resolve the issue on my own? To make everyone calm down?

Your argument makes no sense.
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