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Full Version: Suggestion: Currency Change
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So, already I know that this is going to be frowned upon, but this could still be quickly made and tested just to see how it is.

So basically, this idea is mainly to promote the use of /store. The idea is...: Currency resets between matches (*gasp*). Now hear me out, this obviously would not be supported by those who have thousands of points stacked up, but if the currency was temporary people would be urged to use /store more, knowing that they would not have an opportunity to use their points later. The cost of some items in the store might need to be edited of course. Don't flame at me too hard, but definitely leave your opinions below Wink.
It was nice knowing ya kid...
I'm sorry, but hell no. I think people are going alittle way too far with these suggestions. "Lower tnt radius" "Change store points" "Delete store items" "Adding more things to store" "change the mine radius" "change the mine number". In all favor, I do not support this. So, when everyone round starts, we would have 0 points? But, what's the point of having store, if your total points are going to be reset? And that wouldn't really be fair to people who have saved their points up. Store should be able to be used when ever wanted. But, with further a due, k. ~Pinoypryde
1. Just because many other suggestions may be bad in your opinion doesn't mean you should generalize all suggestions together.
2. How would the store become useless in any way? You use the points that you earned THAT round. Not some points that you've earned 5 rounds ago. Yes, no one would be able to instantly /line across the map when it starts, but lets say you play a really good game and get lots of points. Now you can use /line, and it becomes a way bigger deal.
3. I totally agree that this could be unfair to those who've saved points up all these years. But, guess what isn't fair in this system right now? New players begin with nothing, and are expected to play against people with points in the thousands. Now you may say, "but the people with lots of points don't spam /store because they understand the situation," which brings us straight back to the beginning point of how /store is rarely used. This new system would also get rid of the idea of "rocket noobs" or any other type of person who actually uses the store.
If new people can't deal with it they don't need to play. All of us have been new at some point and we had to face people with thousands of store points. People just need to get better. And I didn't generalise 'all of the suggestions'. I read through all of them and they WERE crappy, I did not make assumptions before reading it, but i hated this one the most. And plus what is it like 5 points a kill? The average for a player to kill in a game is like 10-25, so you mean to tell me that 50-125 is enough for store when iteams cost like 50-75? And yes, people do store more than once, noob or not. Espically rocket, being used when someone has the flag....And the system right now is perfectly fair, you save points you get to use points. This has been the classic CTF way since 2009. And I hope to God that, that does NOT change.
1. Agreed, less people on the server is better
2. Like I said, "The cost of some items in the store might need to be edited of course."

I understand that this is already hated, which is fine because it's what I expected. I guess this is more of an idea if a server was brand new or something. Just a thought though. I'll delete the topic once it hits negative votes.
(05-31-2015, 12:17 AM)xnotx123 Wrote: [ -> ]So basically, this idea is mainly to promote the use of /store.

I've been trying to do the opposite for a while.
Why so? Do you just want it more simplistic?
Because store can be extremely overpowered.
1. Remove the store.
2. Nerf the store
3. Remove certain store items.

in all needs the only thing that we're trying to not promote it.
(lol if you cant tell already that i disagree with this then somehow im getting smarter by the second.)
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