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Full Version: Crates of points should appear as crates to CC users
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Just a small aesthetic suggestion.
Implementing CPE for custom blocks for CC and fallbacks for MC would probably take a while. Also, the Block Permissions extension would have to be implemented in order to effectively prevent the use of unfair blocks, such as rope and ice, whose fallbacks do not provide the same effects as the custom blocks.
I mean if that happened, I wouldn't ever get any crates.
Makes it easier when I see the books tbh. It's more colorful and noticable. I feel crates would make it harder to find.
The CTF server already has deepblue, a ClassiCube block.
It's not a custom block, I just changed the texture pack.
Ah okay. If it's not possible or unnecessary right now then then this suggestion can just be discarded.
Denied and Locked for now.