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Capture the Flag: Hall of Fame

Known for their technical or gaming skills, these players have been added to the capture the flag: hall of fame for their contributions. As time goes by, more inductees to the hall of fame will be added.

Jacob_: Creator of CTF.
MrStupidPants: Developer for CTF.
Qmarchi: Developer for CTF.
Komain72: Founder of Vexillum CTF.
TheFoxin: Founder of Acheron CTF.
Cyber: Veteran of CTF.
BkayB: Legend of CTF.
Maikel1794: Owner of Acheron CTF.
Jackhound: Host of Jacob_'s mapbuild CTF and legend of CTF.
FluffyFlyingB0B: Legend of CTF.
Cfister: Original legend of CTF.
SHICHO: Original legend of CTF.
Sportsfan666: Legend of CTF.
Makoto: Legend of CTF.
Creatoss: Legend of CTF and highest kill-streak of 1008.
TehW101P: Owner of Acheron CTF.
Sasuke: Legend of CTF.
Shawnachu: Original map-maker for CTF.
Saiko: Original map-maker for CTF.

Last Update: 6/6/15

Inductee Submission Format
Please follow the following submission format to propose new inductees:

Player's Full In-Game Name: Please capitalize the first letter of the name.
Time Period of Activity: When was this player active?
Reason(s) for Induction: Why should this player be added to the hall of fame?

Submissions that gain five votes from staff members or an approval from Jacob_ will be added into the hall of fame.

Submission Rules
All submissions must follow the following rules or else face invalidation.

1. All submissions must have players that showed great skill or positive contribution to capture the flag.

2. All submissions must have legitimate reasons for induction.

3. Hurtful or disrespectful comments of any kind on a submission post will not be tolerated and will lead to an extra vote for that submission.

4. If needed, Jacob_ and/or Jack may strike down any submissions deemed inappropriate.

5. These rules are subject to updates.
Note Creatoss did not add himself. So don't think he's an "arrogant dick".
Ok...was about to say....
Congratulations to Saiko and Shawnachu for being the newest inductees to the capture the flag hall of fame!
This should go well with a Wall of shame, where you post what the did and why they were being hated upon.
Where do you post applications?
You can leave your submissions on this thread.
(06-06-2015, 05:04 PM)killerninja891 Wrote: [ -> ]This should go well with a Wall of shame, where you post what the did and why they were being hated upon.

Pretty sure there is only one person that qualifies in that list... and everyone should know who by now. ._.
Player's Full In-Game Name: market123
Time Period of Activity: (2010?)-2012/13, Dec 14-2015
Reason(s) for Induction: I was the best CTF player back in 2011/12 among(or even better then) Bkay and allsham(and a few more)
Note: It is "TheFoxin", "BkayB" and "Komain72"
It is unforgivable to forget me, Creatoss!!

yes im a dick by submitting myself >: D
Thank you for the information and +1 to your submission.
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