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Full Version: RollingStoner Likes to Apply For MapBuild
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Ingame Name: RollingStoner
What rank am I applying for: Mod
Age: 15
Staff References: DramaticLove and Creatoss
Do I have experience?: Yes, I've been Admin on Sarah22 freebuild couple years back. I'm Admin on Tommyz_ freebuild, I use to be mod for an old server called Reality Dynasty. I was admin for Awesome LS (forgot the name). I was operator on zLine before Classic started dying. I was headadmin for Leeizazombie survival. (There's way more, but I forget)
Why do you think you should be mod?: I should be moderator because I have had experience with many servers and many different types of servers. I know what it's like to have to enforce rules while having to follow rules of my own. I can get out of hand at times, but I've been better and I've finally been able to grow a backbone without abusing the power of my voice. For my recent times, I've enforced rules without abusing or causing further disruption with the flow of any server. I've always tried to find the viewpoint of the perpetrator while still doing whatever it takes to regain peace once more. I know I'm new to this, but many of you have known me for a long time and y'all watched me change and develop. I am still a new person (to this server), but I'm sure I can provide at least some benefits. I will follow the staff members and take responsibility for my actions and also for any time I have to take charge. My experience begins back in 2011 until right now. I may not seem trustworthy because I do become a dramaqueen at times, but even so, I still can accept that and learn to make it better and quicker when I do need to take charge.
Why Should We Pick you Over the Others?: I have had experience before and I've made mistakes. And, I believe it takes a strong will to accept when you've made a mistake. I don't think, in my opinion, you should look at my application any greater nor less of those opposing me. We all have our different perspectives and it's you as the reader to decide why you need me or anyone else as a staff member and if we are qualified. What I can say though, is that I will not treat and player lesser than me if I am qualified for the position. They are as human as me and I am there to help out. I'm gonna be there to be a friend and not let power take over me like I've seen over the years do to my peers. I know what it's like from all perspectives to play on Minecraft and I will use it to benefit the server, not use it for power.
What kind of staff would I be?: I would be someone who always looks over the evidence. I will be sure to listen to those around me who have trouble in any way possible and try to help them without haste. I will be cautious and I will not abuse my power. I will be someone who is 100% sure what they are doing is the best way to handle the situation rather than being submissive and unsure. I'll be someone who doesn't ignore a player when they need help. No matter if they are a higher rank or a lower, I will help them and try to aid their situation. I won't use my operative commands unless needed. I will play like a player and mod like a moderator when I need to.
Are you a regular?: I can only say partially, honestly. I've been new to the actual CTF server for about three weeks and I have been on the mapbuild since May 26. I completely understand if I can't get a rank since I'm only almost a month old on here. I've had my fair share of experience staffing other servers however, I can't say I've had the experience of staffing here yet. All I do know is that I've known many of the players here for years/months.
How Active Will you be?: I play everyday already since this is an active server and my friends are all here. I will play regularly like I have been doing. That'd be about practically from when I wake up to around eleven at night.
What is your current Rank: JokerNinja
+1, I think she'd make a great staff member.
Creators we all know you are on rollings dick
Hey, it's a strapon get it right!
What does my relationship with another player have anything to do with this? She is an active player who contributes more to this server than you Gambit; I don't allow personal interests to cloud my professional business here.

If you're going to cite Twenty-Two's ban here go ahead, just be aware that Rolling and I are at a disagreement over what should be done with her: I want Twenty-Two permanently banned, Rolling actually wants to give her another chance. I don't understand how my actions are in any way made through Rolling when most of the time they are against what Rolling wants.

Also, I don't know whether you were saying that as a joke, Gambit, but I hope you mind the kind of language you use here towards a staff member at free build.

[Image: XydDzYD.png]
Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies.
When has Creatoss shown that Rolling dictates his actions? I have not seen it. In my eyes he is supporting Rolling's application because he thinks she'd be a good Moderator.
please spare us your bullshit for once
Bullshit? Like the argument you just made? You clearly don't have any proof to back up what you're saying and you're trying to base your argument on the fact that I have a relationship with Rolling; which in itself is a logical fallacy that proves that what you just said lacks logic. Let me ask you, what does me being in a relationship with Rolling have anything to do with the point that Rolling would make a good staff member? Does me being in a relationship prove that idea wrong?

And Shadow, I understand that we have had our differences and that when it comes to simple issues you're a sore loser about it, but please, we're here to discuss Rolling's application. Show some respect as an administrator, or if you're gonna rate comments and laugh at me from the sidelines, be a man and come say something directly to me. It's a part of growing up and becoming a man.
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