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Full Version: Mapbuild Server Rank Requirements
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These are the rank requirements for each rank above guest.

Yes, we are now strict on ranks and ranking.

Any rank after CTFLegend will require an application submitted to the "Staff Applications" section of the forums. Be sure to specify your application as for the map build.

All you need to do for builder is a little building or a random pixel art or something. Doesn't have to be big or complex.


For each building rank one good looking building, appropriate to that rank, is required to show for it. If the person meets the block and time requirements but has no build or a very small/sloppy a rank should not be given. It is up to the person reviewing whether the build is good enough or not.

Most building ranks are determined by amount of blocks modified and the amount of time spent on the server.
Sample template:

Blocks needed to be modified for that rank
amount of time needed to be spent on the server for that rank

Build something on guest that isn't totally terrible or small.

5 hours

8 hours


For CTFLegend you need to be at least rank 200 or be well known on ctf.

If you qualify for one of the CTF ranks ask an operator to check your name on the leader boards and have them rank you.


Applications not meeting these requirements WILL BE discarded.

For moderator you have to be an Advbuilder+ before your app can be accepted.

For operator you HAVE to be a moderator before you make an application.

Applications are NOT accepted or considered for administrator.
Administrators are chosen by other Admins when they think they need a new one. Now, there's nothing against making suggestions to them or asking them about when they think they'll be promoting a new one. Administrators should periodically synergize with the coordinator.


These are rank(s) not mentioned yet that are above guest.
A Controller is somebody hand picked who takes care of all the people problems on the server. If you have a dispute, a coordinator will settle it. If you have a problem with a command not set to the right rank or a block not set to the right rank, take it to the controller. . The coordinator also deals with Administrator promotions/demotions.