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The time for the Tournament will be voted on here, http://whenisgood.net/2hiwwz4 . Teams will consist of 3 people per team with a backup player. This is going to happen even if I'm the only one playing.

You will pick a map that your team will play on. The team vs will be a best of 3. First game is done with one team's map, the second game is done with the second team's map and the last game is done with a randomized map. The last map will be played with the backup player unless the other team has a quitter or a no show. You can switch out your players at any time if one of them needs a break or anything of that nature.

Store WILL be enabled. Though points will reset every game to give everybody a fair opportunity.

Step one to making a team:
Think of a team name to be put in the team roster.

Step two:
Get teammates.
Ask players to be on your team who you think would be good to have on your team.

Step three:
Request to be posted on the team roster below with your team name then your 2 teammates.

If you do not wish to own a team you may request to be added to somebodies team in the reply section.

Commentators: XenonMan OhSnapski Fur

Referees: Market123 jakebosa

Natus Vincere (Na`Vi for short pronounced nahvee)

Bud (Acheron in disguise)
Leader: Mel321
I'll record games and do some commentary with Ohsnapski maybe

Maybe I'll do Power Ranking vids where I rank players based on performance in the tournament
Something like this: https://youtu.be/Z07Lyug6meU

My YT channel for reference http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperTentacleGrape
"The Chimerical Cavaliers"


Back up: Cheesse
Team Black Dynamite
- __Gambit_
- allsham
- Imperial_gold
That's racist...*DING*

Also, are going to pick a map, as a team?

Bros, y u no say hi to me? :c
Add me in please-
Can I join Unfair Midnight Generals?
Haha Mars it's a joke
Seemed too good to be true. You evil man.
The MOTD for this tournament: Rekt or be rekt
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