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Full Version: waffleninja_Application
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Ingame Name: waffleninja6000
Rank applying for: Operator
Age: 16
Staff Reference: Cheesse, Xenon
Experience as Op on other servers: I have experience on multiple dead servers, and this one. I almost always get some sort of responsibility in any server I settle down in.
Why you should be staff: I am able to be trusted with privileges, and I like to joke around and have a good time with others. I don't try to actually hurt anyone, as I'm here to have fun and provide entertainment for some.
Why pick you: I did my job as Operator when it is required; while I am sure there are others who would also be qualified for the job, I honestly belief I can offer my my services once more.
Kind of staff would you be: I would mess around most of the time, but when it were to be required I can flip on the mature switch. I take responsibilities seriously. The reason I like to mess around is that I don't want to grow up, you don't have to be grown to be able to be mature and any grown person is not necessarily mature. I try to make it obvious when I'm messin around and only really mess with my friends so no strangers would be "insulted" or "made fun off".
Regular on the CTF server: Yeah
How active will you be: Very, in afternoons
What is your current rank: Moderator
Do better on your application, then maybe it will be more considered.
Cheesse is correct, look at some accepted applications for a model as to what to write.
Waffle... my signature says all.
Update (Legit Application)
Currently we have more than enough active operators on freebuild, so you will simply be promoted to moderator for the time being.