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Full Version: App for when I get back
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Ingame Name: To Be Determined because I will need to get new accounts set-up so I will post ASAP

How long you've been on the server: No idea, but I played since maybe late 2011 into 2012. I played on Jacob_'s back when it was only Fur and Chevy Operator (what fun times).

Age: 23

Reference (at least 1 needed): Bel/Dramatic, T97, eo2

Do you have any experience as Op on other servers?: I was Previously Op on this server and I had been a Vip at Acheron. You know that I was also at Empyre and such.

Why do you think you should be op?: I did retire, but I have made up my mind and I will be more active than I ever was, or at least I will try. Also, I do have experience. I'm sorry I retired, but my computer was dying anyways, but now CTF is making a comeback so I am too.

~I hope you guys favor me being a staff again, and as I said, this is my Application for when I get BACK, not now.

~Thanks, hope to see you on the server!


+1 She was OP on Jacob_'s before.. We all know how she's like :P one of the best ops ever
yaya maxi applied go you!!
+1 for Granny Magigi!!!!
Maxi has done so much for this community, and shes the best. Also, she was one of the most active OPs ever, and I am active on vacation, and will not be as active during school, so we need her back!

Maxi when exactly will you be coming back?
I find this system really bias because when I applied the staff on the server said there were already too many OPs.
This application is for the CTF server, not the Mapbuild. Either way, Magic was an operator before, we will just give her rank back to him.

Sorry, I don't regard gender on the internet. :P
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