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Full Version: [Freebuild] Application for Operator
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Actually I found some time to make these.
Have fun reading, but i'm not very good in writing texts. As long as you can understand that its fine for me Big Grin

Freebuild Operator Application:
Ingame Name: market123
What rank are you applying for?: Operator
Age: Dont worry I'm 18+ Smile
Staff Reference: Cheesse
Do you have any experience as Op on other servers? (If so what server(s)?):
-Acheron Freebuild(Operator)
-Twoozies Freebuild (SupOp)
-these are only the Freebuild ones, else there are:
-Acheron CTF (Operator)
-Acheron Lava Survival (Owner)
-ven000m's CTF
-I dont remember if i was on wondercraft vip or op
-a few more i dont remember all

Why do you think you should be staff? & Why should we pick you over others?:
I was actually staff until many people got demoted, me included. I was told to make a new application.
I think I would fit in the role as Operator because I do know the job very well since i began as Operator on Acheron. Many of you know me from there. Surely it was a long time ago, so i am lacking of few commands every now and then but i do know almost all of them.
I am a nice, friendly and mature person who can understand the people.
I also come from Europe as you know so I do have a diffrent Timezone, which can be used as advantage.

What kind of staff would you be?: As i told you i would be a nice, friendly and most important: a mature staff who can understand the feelings on the one side and on the other side a consequent one.
Are you a regular on the CTF server?: Yes
How active will you be?: I am actually active, i guess i could raise the activity a bit more
What is your current rank? Moderator

Thanks for reading, the decision is up to you guys.

I vote yes. Hes swag
Great dude, great app. +1
After looking into this matter thoroughly, it was decided that you should retain your Operator rank on freebuild.