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Full Version: Cause I'm bored. Coke or Pepsi and why?
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I wanna see who are the numbnuts here. Coke is swag
As a soda pop expert, I can say confidently that Coke is overrated ( Still good). I BARELY prefer Pepsi because it tastes "smoother" as apposed to other drnks...But most of the time I just mix sodas...If I had to choose one without mixin...it would be Dr. pepper.
Why not root beer?
I prefer Root Beer and MT Dew over either. Pepsi is carbonated way too much and Coke is labeled as a cleaning product.



Bel, get the leader of your Tournament team to change the name to MT DEW TIME.
I want to see y'alls' mixes...
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA When I go to the gas station and get a fountain drink I mix Sprite, Mt Dew, Coke, Pepsi, Root Beer, Fruit Punch, and Cherry Coke.

Best Drink Ever
Aight my classic is Pepsi, Dr.Pepper, accented with Manzanita Sol...stirred in a cup. (DON'T SHAKE, It turns flat then).
Oh I forgot to add the Dr. Pepper.
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