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Full Version: Vote command
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I was just thinking it might be nice to have a /vote or /votenew (mapname) command which would then count up the number of Y/N responses. It is a bit like /rtv and /nominate, but I still think it would be quite useful when we are voting to play an old map etc. Not sure how you guys feel about this. Maybe we could even have just a /vote command and you can write anything you want after that and it will just tallies up the votes. For example:

/vote is chocolate good? (sorry bel)

Vote Y/N: Is chocolate good?

bob: y
larry: N
sam: n

Results: 1 Y / 2 N

Let me know your thoughts.

I also was about to make a post like this. Until I saw this.

Also there was no poll option for CHICKENS Sad
Awesome gonna be useful
Maybe if its easier, make it so you reply with /n or /y. Also this way you can still chat things that start with y or n or reply to some other question or say y as in "why".
In programming it doesn't matter if the y is apart of something. You can just do soemthing like
if ($playermessage == 'y') {

Or soemthing to that effect I don't really know how Jacob_ has it programmed right now but yeah. Also it's obviously not going to be in PHP. But I don't relaly know java so...