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Full Version: Post your shoes! {Sneaker heads}
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Wait wtf Fur!! I have the same sweats :'D
What are thoooooooooose jk >Big Grin


Here r my sneakers dohhhh
Doc Marten's Alfies

[Image: Ts1spsD.jpg]
[Image: 2vG3b8D.jpg]

Too lazy to post my Chuck IIs, you can look those up.

[Image: ITVZZ2v.jpg]

Finally got time to wear and post my chuck 2s

And you can see my old nasty babolat tennis shoes. I love them, literally tire traction.
I just have to say that I approve of those tennis shoes on the top right.
Babolats Propulse 4s. They're mighty awesome.
Nike life again

Shoes are so clean Makoto! Did you wash them specifically for this reason? Or did you just "happen" to just have bought them before this thread... I wouldn't be able to believe you have such clean shoes...:P
My Chuck 2s are the most recent and have had them since a month after they came out. I just don't wear them too much since I work every day and it's much more comfortable to use my babolat tennis shoes for MAXIMUM ENDURANCE. But I do clean them after use.
[Image: i2OOdEI.jpg]
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