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Full Version: Mel321's Operator Application
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Ingame Name:[/b ]Mel321
[b]How long have you been on the server:
I've been on the server for at least 4 years.
Age: 16.
Reference: Belinda_midnight/Dramaticlove
Do you have any experience as Op on other servers? I've been moderator on two freebuild servers (since closed), I was also moderator on Vexillum CTF, OP on Acheron CTF, and am currently moderator on Jack's Mapbuild (if that counts).
Why do you think you should be OP? I believe that I should be OP because I think I have good moderating skills, and have experience on other CTF servers similar to this one. I'm also very active on CTF now, and I would be able to be on CTF very often.
So dank that he should be promoted. 420/69 would promote.
omg fukn +10000000 if i could vote
Of course, Melon is a great operator.
9/11 remember what happened last time we let a white guy bomb the twin towers?
Yeah, he got shot years later.

Good luck and don't get shot!
Or die!
I've had Mel as staff under me before, would recommend