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Full Version: CTF Operator App, isaacwolf
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Ingame Name: isaacwolf
How long you've been on the server: 3 Years.
Age: 15
Reference (at least 1 needed): Jackhound123, Xenonman, Dramaticlove/Bel,
Do you have any experience as Op on other servers?: Yes, I am OP on the mapbuild currently, and I have previously owned multiple Premium servers, one called Wolves Revenge, that had to go down due to lack of funds. I also owned a few classic servers including one called Wolves Revenge v2, and I became a DEV on a well known classic server Z II. Which went down because the original owner decided to lose the files. Long story short, I have had plenty of op experience including Owner experience.
Why do you think you should be op?: Well I know that there is plenty of people on this server that deserve OP a lot, but I believe I should also take a chance at the responsibility of being an Operator on Jacob_'s Custom CTF Server. I was quite busy these last few months due to school and honor rolls. But I am already on a lot more and am planning to dedicate lots of my time to being OP on this server. I also believe that I deserve this OP rank because I have made so many friends on this server and a lot of them are already OP and I would love to rise to the responsibility of being OP with my friends. And I have been with the server for a while, not nearly as long as a lot of the other players, but this is one of the servers that I have stayed with for longer than just a few months. And I think with my experience at being owner on multiple servers means that I can definitely be trusted and can maybe even help if needed with some things that come up with the server. I also know that if it came down to it, and if did do something wrong on the server I would own up to the mistakes I made and would try to make things better for the community as a whole. And just because I am 15 doesn't mean I cant be responsible. I have my moments where I am funny and play around with fellow players, but that isn't my whole personality. I can turn on serious mode quick if needed to and will see what I can do to help in any situation I witness.

I will post the screenshot of my DEV status to prove I am not lieing. Thank you for reading over my OP application for Jacob_'s Custom CTF
Have a good night everyone.
gl issac i think u desereve it.You are obviously responsible from what i see.GLGL
Good luck.

*sarcasm ---> Why not switch the status of Operator and Guest so that all the guests atm have the operator status but no powers and the guest (the OPs) have all the power. Trololololol)
Thank you guys. I Appreciate it.