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Ingame Name: killerninja891
How long you've been on the server: since it's creation
Age: 23 y/o
Reference (at least 1 needed): I would add jackhound123, not sure tbh.
Do you have any experience as Op on other servers?: Yes, I was moderator but was demoted. I am alo VIP at CTF.
Why do you think you should be op?: I was previously moderator but was demoted, but now since there's the chance to become Operator let's shoot for it, if that's not available I'm more than happy to be reinstated to my previous rank.

Additional Info: Logs of the day I was demoted (to veteran)

Quote:[00:00:13] 2010RoboHood+: damn it
[00:00:17] 2010RoboHood+: can I get a rank up?
[00:00:21] [bae] Darthmaster: dun
[00:00:22] [bae] Darthmaster: dun
[00:00:22] 2010RoboHood+: cause I need to use taht cuboid
[00:00:24] [bae] Darthmaster: dun dun
[00:00:30] [hub] xnotx123+: Dude I just had the best idea
[00:00:34] [] :::::::: what
[00:00:39] [hub] xnotx123+: someone type
[00:00:40] killerninja891+ is now a Joker.
[00:00:44] [hub] xnotx123+: ./demote killer
[00:00:46] [hub] xnotx123+: '

[00:00:52] 2010RoboHood+: cant use demote
[00:00:53] 2010RoboHood+: Sad
[00:00:55] killerninja891+'s rank was set to veteran
[00:00:55] DEMOTED! We're sorry for your loss. Good luck on your
[00:00:55] > future endeavors! :'(
[00:00:55] You are now ranked veteran, type /help for your new set
[00:00:55] > of commands.

[00:01:06] 2010RoboHood+: O_O
[00:01:10] VOTE: demote(Yes /No)
[00:01:10] 2010RoboHood+: that's mean
[00:01:14] [energy plus 1] Behold the mighty jokers: What
[00:01:14] > do you call 40 mexicans buried up to their neck in
[00:01:14] > sand? A spicket fence.
[00:01:14] 2010RoboHood+: what if taht was me
[00:01:16] [Admin] Catrina: OMG
[00:01:19] [Admin] Catrina: IMMA BUILD STARBUCJS
[00:01:25] [TheBartender] waffleninja6000+: ....
[00:01:25] The vote is in! Y: 1 N: 0
[00:01:28] [] :::::::: STARBUCJS?
[00:01:29] [bae] Darthmaster: i want a starbucks
[00:01:30] [bae] Darthmaster: brb
[00:01:35] [Admin] Catrina: my hand
[00:01:39] [bae] Darthmaster: since when did i has tha title
[00:01:40] [Admin] Catrina: will be holding starbucks
[00:01:41] [TheBartender] waffleninja6000+: It confirmed
[00:01:47] [TheBartender] waffleninja6000+: Darth is gay
[00:01:53] [bae] Darthmaster: shoot im really dat blind
[00:02:15] Darthmaster+ was given the title of [The one and only]
[00:02:24] There are 9 players online.
[00:02:24] :Hosts: FluffyFlyingB0B+ (pixel)
[00:02:24] :Administrators: DramaticLove+ (pixel)
[00:02:24] :Operators: XenonMan+ (pixel)
[00:02:24] :Moderators: xnotx123+ (pixel), waffleninja6000+
[00:02:24] > (razorfield), Darthmaster+ (pixel)
[00:02:24] :Veterans: MunchyPotato+ (munchypotato+), killerninja891+
[00:02:24] > (hub)
[00:02:24] :Guests: 2010RoboHood+ (guest)
[00:02:24] [The one and only] Darthmaster: only?
[00:02:27] [The one and only] Darthmaster: the one?
[00:02:32] Auto-whisper enabled. All messages will now be sent to
[00:02:32] > DramaticLove+.
[00:02:35] [The one and only] Darthmaster: the one what
[00:02:38] [<] [Admin] DramaticLove+: repromote me back
[00:02:45] Try our other server! Jacob_'s CTF! It's loads of fun!
[00:02:48] [] :::::::: ?
[00:02:50] 2010RoboHood+: the one and only virgin
[00:02:53] [] :::::::: the one and only darth?
[00:02:53] 2010RoboHood+: left on the planet
[00:03:05] 2010RoboHood+: the last woman alive on the planet
[00:03:10] 2010RoboHood+: god help us all
[00:03:15] Darthmaster+ was given the title of [bae]
[00:03:19] [bae] Darthmaster: now im bae
[00:03:20] Auto-whisper enabled. All messages will now be sent to
[00:03:20] > FluffyFlyingB0B+.
[00:03:22] [<] [] FluffyFlyingB0B+: repromote me back
[00:03:25] 2010RoboHood+: what is bae?
[00:03:27] Whisper chat turned off
[00:03:50] [Admin] Catrina: dont jerk off
[00:03:53] [Admin] Catrina: nasty
[00:03:56] 2010RoboHood+: you cant make me
[00:04:01] [] :::::::: ?
[01:29:15] Welcome back killerninja891+! You've been here 102 times!
[01:29:15] + [energy plus 1] killerninja891+ Behold the mighty
[01:29:15] > jokers
[01:29:16] Welcome to jack's CTF Mapbuild for Capture the Flag Hosted by
[01:29:16] > jack 24/7!
[01:29:16] Have fun!
[01:29:16] If you are a CTF regular you get a free rank!
[01:29:16] To see how to make/subit CTF maps goto:
[01:29:16] http://buildism.net/mc/showthread.php?tid=223
[01:29:16] If you are a new player type /g guest to go to a map to build
[01:29:16] > on!
[01:29:16] Rank requirements are here:
[01:29:16] http://buildism.net/mc/showthread.php?tid=604
[01:29:16] Type /news for the latest server updates and news!
[01:29:22] There are 5 players online.
[01:29:22] :Administrators: DramaticLove+ (bel)
[01:29:22] :Moderators: aleee43+-afk (aleee43+), Darthmaster+-afk (bel)
[01:29:22] :Veterans: killerninja891+ (hub)
[01:29:22] :MasterBuilders: 2010RoboHood+ (2010robohood+2)
[01:29:30] [energy plus 1] Behold the mighty jokers: drama
[01:29:37] You have modified 155884 blocks!
[01:29:38] There are currently 5 players online.
[01:30:06] Try our other server! Jacob_'s CTF! It's loads of fun!
[01:33:49] + jackhound123+ A wild jack has appeared on the horizion!
[01:33:52] [Gold Membership] 2010RoboHood+: O_O
[01:33:53] -aleee43+- is no longer AFK
[01:33:54] [21:33:55] Alex: ja ck
[01:33:54] - jackhound123+ A tamed jack has left the arena.
[01:34:01] [21:34:03] Alex: fk
[01:34:04] [Gold Membership] 2010RoboHood+: damn it
[01:34:08] [21:34:10] Alex: GET RID of THIS
[01:34:08] [21:34:10] Alex: FILTER
[01:34:12] [Gold Membership] 2010RoboHood+: yes
[01:34:15] [Gold Membership] 2010RoboHood+: plz
[01:34:16] [Gold Membership] 2010RoboHood+: do
[01:34:25] - [bae] Darthmaster+ Disconnected.
[01:34:35] [energy plus 1] Behold the mighty jokers: ****
[01:34:42] [energy plus 1] Behold the mighty jokers: ja ck
[01:35:06] To see what is required for different ranks please view
[01:35:06] > http://buildism.net/mc/showthread.php?tid=604
[01:35:46] [21:35:48] Alex: i know youre seeing this ja ck
[01:36:53] + jackhound123+ A wild jack has appeared on the horizion!
[01:37:01] [energy plus 1] Behold the mighty jokers: ja ck
[01:37:02] *2010RoboHood+ gets pokeball
[01:37:06] jack: yup
[01:37:07] [energy plus 1] Behold the mighty jokers: make
[01:37:07] > me moderator
[01:37:08] *2010RoboHood+ throws it at ja.ck
[01:37:15] *2010RoboHood+ catches jake
[01:37:17] -DramaticLove+- is AFK auto: Not moved for 10 minutes
[01:37:17] [21:37:19] Alex: ja ck
[01:37:20] jack: Talk to whoever demoted you
[01:37:23] jack: yeah alex/
[01:37:23] [21:37:25] Alex: get rid of this fkin filter
[01:37:26] [Gold Membership] 2010RoboHood+: xD
[01:37:33] [21:37:34] Alex: pls
[01:37:42] jack: and you are
[01:37:46] jack: aleee
[01:37:49] [21:37:50] Alex: yes
[01:37:51] jack: What word
[01:37:55] jack: do you want to be able to say
[01:38:08] [21:38:10] Alex: what words are banned?
[01:38:19] jack: anything related to any of the hosts
[01:38:23] jack: /viewranks host
[01:38:29] [Gold Membership] 2010RoboHood+: yea me too
[01:38:31] [21:38:33] Alex: actually, i just wanna know why you
[01:38:31] > added the filter
[01:38:40] Unknown command "voewranks"!
[01:38:45] People with the rank of host:
[01:38:45] jackhound123, fluffyflyingb0b, fluffyflyingb0b+, jackhound123+
[01:40:06] There is a CTF party every Saturday at the CTF server at 10PM

Can you restore me to moderator please? I did nothing other than /joker.
It seems you are a Moderator now. Locked