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Full Version: About the tournament
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Remember, it's just a game! Feel free to skip this thread if you just want to play CTF and aren't interested in the competitive aspect.

I hid yesterday's thread about the tournament controversy, not to silence anyone's opinion, but just because everyone was still in the heat of the moment and when everyone's angry there's not going to be a productive discussion.

I think the results are as valid as they could be given the circumstances. The two numbers displayed in the top right corner of the screen clearly showed that blue was winning.

But obviously there were a lot of problems during the match:
  • Refs did not check that everyone's points were cleared before starting the game.
  • A red player kept all of his store points from before the tournament, and either didn't notice or didn't tell anyone.
  • A blue player was unhappy with this and used a VIP command to end the game early.
  • I reset everyone's points again but set the score back to what it was before the reset, without consulting anyone else, in the interest of keeping the game going and making sure all participants could be there for the whole game if possible.

That being said, I think it would be unfair to everyone who participated to forfeit the results, and we might not be able to find a time that all of the same people can play again.

If both teams agree to have a rematch, that would end the controversy, but if everyone just agrees to let it go that would work too.

As a side note, it bothers me that some people have been making disrespectful comments about "the Acheron people." It's been 2 years since Acheron had their own CTF server, and over 4 since both of our servers coexisted. By this point they're just a group of people from another community that like classic CTF and want to play it somewhere. Judging "them" only hurts this community, because they're part of it too now.

As the great Komain72 once said:
[Image: DSg0BRB.png]
I agree with what was said right there..
I'd be fine with doing a rematch or just forgetting about it. I honestly don't care. It's up to other people. Remember. It's just a game.
I agree with Jacob_, nicely done btw. Here's where I stand, I think it was a fairly fair (yes I did that on purpose) game which archeron won and we lost; I don't have a problem saying that. I wouldn't mind playing them again though, as a rematch or not, just for the fun of it! =)