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Full Version: Justbest's Operator Application
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Ingame name: justbest13
How long you've been on the server: 1 year
Age: 14
Reference (at least 1 needed): jackhound123 and XenonMan
Do you have experience as Op on other servers?: Sadly, I don't, but I'm well respected on a lot of servers that I go onto.
Why do you think you should be op?: Being op means having responsibility. Ops need to take charge, and will do whatever they have to do in case of bad situations. Which is what exactly I will do. I'm also very active on CTF, as I even get on when there are no players on.... Hackers, spammers, ragers; those are just some of the people that need to be taken care of in a situation. I also believe that I have good enough operating skills, as I my current rank is VIP and I have seen many negative situations that I have tried to stop.
0pls and i thought they said they have enough ops. Anyways gl i think u deserve it mang
Good luck on your op app! I think Justbest would make a good op if this was accepted
I think you would make a great op. :P Although I haven't been on this server for very long... I just hope jack and jacob approve. Big Grin
Jack has to approve too? He's not even important smh. /sarcasm.


Na Jack doesn't since he's a reference for him already but I think we just have the right amounts of OPS right now but it's up to Jacob
If this application is denied for too many ops right now, you can reserve me for a future position if you ever need one.
*Don't take this post as if I want this app to be denied*
I really wish there was some other Moderator position below Operator (Not VIP). I think you would be great for a position like that Justbest.
Good Luck JB!!