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Full Version: New kid on the block
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I thought I might explain myself in a short way, contrary to everything and anything I have ever done.

I left because I wanted to stop playing video games. I would have waited until the end of the tournament, but Cat decided that the tourney lyfe wasn't for her, so we both agreed to disband the team in a very agreeable way. Cheesse had already disappeared at that point anyway. Sorry to all those people who wanted Team Bud defeated.

The reason I unfriended most of ya on skype is because I would feel pressured to play CTF and all that jazz. Now I'm back, still wanting to stop playing video games, but I figure that shouldn't prevent me from messing with y'all.

If you wish to speak with me, feel free to refriend me on skype and all that jazz. Sorry about leaving in such a unclear way, I just felt like I didn't want to give the long winded explanation I am giving now.
It's coming back week I guess. Just don't feel pressured to stay if it's too much
Hi. If you want to join a team, type "/red" or "/blue".
"/red" is the better team. Also /help has a lot of useful information
Eo, it's very hard to break a habit. Unless you have a driving will to stop playing often, you won't be able to cut back in a short period of time--at least not without some withdrawal symptoms. I have seen friends who were forced to quit and couldn't control themselves afterwards. One kid I remember, during a math tutor session at another house, got up in the middle of a lesson and tried to get on a computer; when he was told to get off by my math tutor, he started throwing his computer and cussing at his mom.

I know I maybe sounding like I'm making some extreme exaggerations, but I'm not. One thing my teachers at SAT boot camp kept saying was that, "Games are like drugs." I later realized what they meant.

Take it slow. Don't try to quit abruptly. It'll be healthier for you.