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Hey y'all, Saiko loaded a ton of adventure maps onto jacks server, so we figured we would do one or two together, have fun with it and stuff. Probably over the weekend, how about 9/12 at 9:00 PM EST? If anyone can't make it, please say when you can, the time is editable. Again, this offer to play is open for everyone. So lets do it! You can message me on the forum or skype or in response to this post if you want in.

Adventure maps are extremely fun, and I am not the most qualified person to describe them. So I won't, the fun is in the surprise Smile Unless someone wants to explain it for me.

1. Creatoss
2. eo2
3. Jackhound123
4. DramaticLove
5. Waff
6. JB
7. Karin (perhaps)
Waff is in
I'll join I guess
6:00 am is too early for me... I'll try to join...
Question: Would anyone be opposed to making the time earlier so waf can make it?
When did I sign up for this? O.O I don't remember it.
You did jack you did
I still don't remember it.
You need working physics first.
define working physics..
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