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Full Version: Ummm Hi?
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[attachment=193]Uhhhh. Hi. I don't know if I will be on that much now... CTF... I'm bad at it... I honestly don't know what to put. I hope I'll make some maps... Ummmm CANDY IS DELICIOUS! CAKE IS YUMMY! NOM NOM NOM. OK! I think I'm done introducing myself? I should really change my profile picture huh? Nice to meet you all? I guess. HuhBig Grin


Welcome to Jacob_'s CTF! even though you were here for a while but still ;p
Hi Karin!
Not going to lie, but you remind me of another player. She was a young, middle-school girl who always was so upbeat, happy, and cheerful. Her name was Kitty I think. I don't remember her exact name, but I still remember her as that one innocent girl on this server.
When did this Kitty play? Karin reminded me of someone too from like 2-3 years ago but I just thought it was her.
No, it's not just her. There was a young girl on Vexillum. She had that same innocence about her--a sort of childish innocence, but not naivete. The name Kitty comes to my mind, but I can't remember very well. The only vestige I have left of that time is the name Kitty.