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Full Version: Makoto formal operator application
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Ingame Name: Makoto
How long you've been on the server: Since opening.
Age: 20
Reference (at least 1 needed): XenonMan, others
Do you have any experience as Op on other servers?: D3
Why do you think you should be op?: to make Jacobs job easier.


I swear they had 'enough ops lmfao" lol gl
To much effort put into this app...
Come on guys... it's Makoto.
well.. he could do more than 12 words
This application might not be reflective of the kind of good man Makoto is, but after talking to him over Mumble, I think Makoto is a man who has more maturity than anyone else here, and he has experience to make him a solid Head Operator.

If Makoto becomes a staff member, I'd want him to become the community's Head Operator.