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Full Version: Matt's (ChurroS) formal Application for Operator
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Ingame Name: ChurroS
How long you've been on the server: Since the beginning
Age: 18
Reference (at least 1 needed): XenonMan, Makoto, Fur?(if he is still here), others
Do you have any experience as Op on other servers?: Yes, but I dont even remember their names
Why do you think you should be op?: it will actually give me a reason to join more and to make jacob_'s job easier
If Makoto and Fur trust you then I am sure the rest of us can trust you
Matt? Is that you?
I am sorry, who are you jack? but yes it is "Matt". Makoto can confirm, along with Xenon.
You don't know me? Sad
I'm very surprised he doesn't remember us, it is a little strange
I'm not. It's been like 4 years, I could barely remember myself. :p
Now thinking about it, that name sounds so familiar. Yet I can't put my finger on it.
Go into the server logs and search Matt
e02, I was about 12-14. Do you honestly expect me to remember everyone? I remember people like Rawrz, XenonMan, Makoto, Fur, Alan321, Jacob_, and would probably recognize a lot of others.
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