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Full Version: Again, Till' There Is an Understandable Resolution
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They have taken this post down and started a drama over it. If I am to be banned over this, fine. I don't fear those who cut off discussion, who do not contribute, and fear the truth of what I am saying.


The increase in the size of a community and influx in the number of players is always paired with certain challenges. One of those challenges include dealing with drama--any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking results.

As many of you know, drama is one of the biggest problems for any community to have to deal with; many of us would know because people like myself have admittedly been part of many dramas in the past.

Recently, a player has been spreading false rumors and lies about me in the attempts of starting another divisive drama. These lies and accusations are all aimed towards me for the sole reason of knowing the truth about an issue.

I will not name any names or sink to the depravity of this player, but to speak truthfully and generally, I am tired of all this pitiful and wasteful fighting. I am done with trying to argue or defend myself from what can not be defended: raw and visceral human emotions.

That is why today, I am proposing the following rule to be adopted by this community. I am proposing the following rule so that this community will not have to be divided by another fight.

The rule I am proposing is as follows:

"Players who purposefully incite or make tense situations worse will be punished by a temporary ban for a first-time offense and will be permanently banned by a second-time offense."

With the inclusion of this rule, staff could effectively deal with drama associated with our growing and vibrant community.

I believe that without a doubt, this rule is necessary and will be a great protection for our community.
The rules only relate to behavior on the server or this forum. It's impossible to enforce them on skype or other places.

If you have a problem with someone that is an operator, you can message me privately about it, but otherwise there isn't anything else we can do.
"I need to add that to the rules, no dragging shit from skype on the server." -Jacob_

Be careful about what you chose to do here Jacob. You know that this would create less drama.
Hey, why not? I see no harm in it. We wouldn't want lots of drama on our server. I think it's a good idea.
Jacob's right. I don't think you guys understand the point here. However I will try my best to convey what I feel about this current situation, without given context besides what is already available, to be the least bias as possible. What you are proposing is to definitely punish those under the suspicion of conspiracy, in other terms what you call a pretense of making drama. I don't know what you guys make of this server or community, but I can tell you what it's not for sure. Though given my period being back I might not be comfortable or settled in the current state of the community. What it is not, however, is a body of government or politic; what we are given is what we get from Jacob_. You can't just accuse someone of a crime before it happens, which is what is happening under certain 3rd party chats that Jacob and the staff aren't responsible for.

As for the rule, you also should not be stating punishments, for one you are not staff and two, punishments are dependent on how serious the issue at hand is. You should be more careful what you say as someone can exploit your rule and punishment to the best of their abilities as well.

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