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Full Version: A New Gamemode: Attack/Defense
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What this game mode is is that we have 2 teams: 1 with the sole objective of capturing the flag, 1 with the sole objective of defending the flag.

I didn't want to stray too much from the 'CTF' idea but I personally think this could be interesting because we can introduce a variety of asymmetrical maps that way.

So many new game mode ideas. They all sound fun but the more we make the more we split between ourselves in a way.

Anyways, I have my own ideas that could be a fun game mode but I still have to work out the kinks.

For this would the sides switch after a certain amount of time or would it just be you have to do just one? Because if it switches then you should make it so if there is at least 1 person on each team, it switches every 10 minutes or so. Maybe even 5-7 minutes. If not, then whatever.
This is a pretty interesting idea. It will surely give use to some assymetrical maps, like Siege. This would also allow different strategies to be put to use.
To answer Max's question:

I was only thinking of the main concept for this GM. Now if I were to specify when teams would switch, I'd suggest them swapping once the first attacking team gets 2 or 3 caps. Then the opposing team would have to try and cap the same amount of times. The team who gets the defined points in the shortest time wins.

Yes? No? Maybe?
Okay thanks. That answers it.
I've been thinking a bit deeper into this GM, comparing it to the standard CTF on the server. During a match with the current mode you would usually try and counter an opposing cap by forcing the stalemate.

With this setup however, each team has one unique goal: this would imply coordination and planning from behalf each group of players on one aspect of the game.
e.g.: more frequent all-team rushes causing defense to work out the counter.

Ofc this happens in regular gameplay. I just think that this format can increase the frequency and the quality of these specific plays.
Even though this topic is old I quite like this idea because it involves teams having to work together solely on one objective, which is either attack or defend. Maybe adding this game mode wouldn't be a bad idea (as it still falls into CTF mechanics). It's something fresh that might even interest new players or regulars into playing.