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Full Version: Misconceptions of operator positions
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Most of you may think that, Jacob_'s CTF, as of its current state has probably too many operators relative to the traffic that it is receiving through Classic Cube. However, the determinant to become an Operator on the server is exclusive to just having too many. Factors such as individual commitment, timezones, availability, and quality of service are also very important. Just being a Capture the flag server makes it no different from any other server, it requires an amount of staff and service. In my opinion, the number of staff is tolerable, even to a large amount, as long as each member performs their duty and acts to an acceptable level. In my time of experience, acceptable is usually only the minimum bar in regard to staffing. The position of operator is also tentative, which applies to everybody. I just wanted to get this point across.
Dunno if it's my place to put in my opinion, but I'll give my two cents regardless.

At this point, seeing as Classic MC is sort of on the dead side, I don't think too much of a deal needs to be made about staffing. Yeah, yeah, I know - "But this is important and they are our protectors and ajfiawe!!!1!!!!" Honestly, though, the server seems very close-knit, with little new individuals coming on (sans alternates). If a user is mature, amiable, well-known, and has been a player for a long time, promote them to operator. If someone doesn't deserve their position based on their behavior/moderation, demote them. The number of staff isn't that big of a deal anymore. Most staff positions are becoming honorary, anyway. I'm not saying to promote everyone to operator, or demote all the operators. Just don't fret over the little things. It's not going to irrevocably hurt the server or the players.

When I actively owned our Acheron server, we kept many veteran players as operator/moderator as an honorary thing. Why? Because it never hurt anyone and made the veteran players' lives easier were they ever to drop in for a visit (access to fly, commands, creative, etc). They were trusted and liked, and they didn't abuse their positions or try to force moderation. They simply minded their own business unless their help was required. It's not that big of a deal, honestly. You just have to pick out the players who won't go on a power trip.

Disclaimer: I'm not actually actively aiming my words at a person, it's more of a general "to everyone" sort of message. Just to make sure no one misunderstands. For better or for worse, it's how I tend to write in forum threads.