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Full Version: CTF Coding Language?
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In what language do you code the CTF plugin?
I used to learn java, not much but the basics...
i still understand somethings, but i wont be as good as any other scrpiter/DEV here x)
Cool, I'm learning java rn (really just the basics) and it's not half bad. I'm just having a few issues with some things so it's good to know that the CTF devs know Java too.

Is this server based on another MC software like MCForge, FCraft, OpenCraft, D3's or any other one(s)?
Opencraft I do believe.
Can I get the software from a site of theirs or here possibly?
You have to sign a user end agreement that if you void or leak, will result in your death.
I'm up for that.

Could I just have a few specifications for the versions that are actually MC Classic compatible?
I did that before. Can I get the software again! Big Grin
Software is closed source now for several reasons. You can ask Jacob what those reasons are and for exceptions. He probably regrets giving me the code because I accidentally did one of the reasons why he didn't want to give it out without even thinking about it.
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